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The climate of Athens is considered to be very special in Greece and due to the location of the city, which is surrounded by mountains in three cardinal directions (west, north and east), it is even drier and warmer than in other regions of the country. Wind comes almost exclusively from the south.
Ko Samui is located in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand and offers tropical warm travel weather all year round.
The abundantly sunny Pattaya is the destination of all sun worshippers who want to spend a dream vacation on the tropical Gulf of Thailand and get to know Asia from its most beautiful side.
A trip to Jamaica, the island of reggae, is worthwhile at any time of year. Tropical temperatures prevail all year round, but are moderated by the steady northeast trade winds.
Zakynthos has a Mediterranean climate. Due to relatively large amounts of precipitation in winter, lush vegetation develops in spring and summer. In summer the temperatures are between 22 and 38 degrees Celsius.
On the Caribbean island of Aruba, the sun shines almost all year round, and it is also always pleasantly warm. In addition, the island lies outside the so-called hurricane belt, so that it is also a worthwhile destination for a dreamlike beach vacation in the summer months.
Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is located in North Africa, separated only by a lagoon from the Gulf of Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. In the east lies the Mediterranean Sea and in the west the Maghreb - this brings hot dry summers and a corresponding vegetation with palms, olive trees and date palms.
Acapulco is a travel destination throughout the year. However, the summer is hot and humid, much better suited for a visit are the months of October to May. The annual average temperature is about 27 °C and the long sandy beaches invite to a bathing vacation.