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Krabi captivates not only with paradisiacal beaches, but also tropical temperatures of 28 degrees on average, which invite to a bath in turquoise-blue water.
Guangzhou is characterized by moderate temperatures throughout the year. The climate is mild and is often compared to that in Florida.
A trip to Jamaica, the island of reggae, is worthwhile at any time of year. Tropical temperatures prevail all year round, but are moderated by the steady northeast trade winds.
The capital of the Republic of Indonesia is the largest city Southeast Asia and lies in the tropical climate zone. High temperatures and equally high amounts of precipitation characterize the climate of this city of over a million inhabitants.
St. Lucia, the "Saint Lucia", is a Caribbean island with a tropical humid climate. Countless plant species thrive on St. Lucia, bathing the island in a sea of green.
The Caribbean island beauty Barbados - the original Portuguese name means "The Bearded" - impresses with its splendor of colors, the impressive landscape as well as the seemingly endless white sandy beaches. On Barbados it is summer all year round.
Marrakech, the "Pearl of the South" is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, which is why the climate is on average milder than in other parts Morocco. Marrakech is one of the old royal cities of Morocco.