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Off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean lies the fourth largest island in the world - Madagascar. Not a country for beach vacationers, but for explorers of dry areas, mountains, tropical forests and rice fields.
The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela and consists of several islands. Here it is tropically warm all year round, with the constantly prevailing northeast trade wind always providing a cooling breeze.
The Fiji Islands, a group of islands in the southwest Pacific and is characterized by a remarkable flora and fauna, as well as year-round tropical hot and humid climate. Due to the numerous tropical storms and hurricanes during the months of November to April, it is recommended to travel outside this period.
Cancún is not only one of the most popular destinations on the Gulf of Mexico, but can also convince with about 300 sunny days and always high temperatures at any time of the year as a destination for a beach vacation.
St. Lucia, the "Saint Lucia", is a Caribbean island with a tropical humid climate. Countless plant species thrive on St. Lucia, bathing the island in a sea of green.
The Caribbean island beauty Barbados - the original Portuguese name means "The Bearded" - impresses with its splendor of colors, the impressive landscape as well as the seemingly endless white sandy beaches. On Barbados it is summer all year round.
The Indian archipelago includes a total of 204 islands and covers 6408 square kilometers. The Andaman Islands are tropical archipelagos located at the western tip of the Irawadi Division of Myanmar.
The city of Luxor is located in southern Egypt on the eastern bank of the Nile. The main tourist season to Luxor is from December to April, as the climatic conditions are most pleasant at this time due to the warm and dry weather.