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Bonaire is located about 80 kilometers off the Venezuelan coast and is with just under 288 kmĀ² the second largest of the so-called "ABC islands". The Caribbean sun shines here all year round, and Bonaire is mostly spared from the hurricanes that are otherwise frequent in the Caribbean.
Sri Lanka is a dreamlike island in the Indian Ocean with paradisiacal beaches and inviting mountains.
Guangzhou is characterized by moderate temperatures throughout the year. The climate is mild and is often compared to that in Florida.
The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela and consists of several islands. Here it is tropically warm all year round, with the constantly prevailing northeast trade wind always providing a cooling breeze.
Mombasa also called the gateway to East and Central Africa, is located directly on the Indian Ocean. Year-round pleasant temperatures attract many travelers and tourists.
The tropical island paradise of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean near the equator attracts almost all year round with the perfect vacation weather. Only in winter the perfect vacation weather is influenced by the monsoon, but the rains during this time ensure that the lush greenery of the tropics continues to grow and thrive.
Although the Bahamas are in the subtropical climate zone, the hot temperatures are moderated by the cooling trade winds. Thus, the archipelago offers the best conditions for a vacation all year round.
The Fiji Islands, a group of islands in the southwest Pacific and is characterized by a remarkable flora and fauna, as well as year-round tropical hot and humid climate. Due to the numerous tropical storms and hurricanes during the months of November to April, it is recommended to travel outside this period.
The weather in Hong Kong is characterized by a tropical, humid climate. The average temperature in the metropolis is 22.5 degrees Celsius.