Climate United Kingdom

The United Kingdom, with its rocky coastline, plateaus, valleys and many islands off the coast of Scotland, has a rather mild climate due to its proximity to the water, which is influenced by the Gulf Stream and winds from the southwest.

London is the capital of the United Kingdom and is located on the Thames River in southeast England. With warm but not hot summers and normally mild winters, London is in the temperate climate zone.
Liverpool is located in the northwest of Great Britain in the country part England. It is a city of contrasts and has a temperate maritime climate.
Glasgow has a temperate climate and is located in the southwest of Scotland on the River Clyde. Due to the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, temperatures in winter do not drop below 0 degrees, but precipitation is relatively high.
The climate of the city of Cardiff is influenced by its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Especially the warming of the sea on the western side of the British Isles by the Gulf Stream provides a temperate climate with warm summers, cool winters and abundant rainfall throughout the year.
The weather in Edinburgh is changeable, but it is even more beautiful on those days when the sun shines over the city in Scotland.
Wales, the country with Celtic tradition, is considered one of the most humid countries Europe. Wales owes its pleasantly mild climate primarily to the Gulf Stream, which is responsible for warming the air.

The climate year of United Kingdom

Although the latitude is the same as that of Labrador in Canada, the United Kingdom has a mild climate. Influenced by the Gulf Stream, proximity to the sea, and winds from the southwest that bring abundant rain, the climate remains quite mild even in winter, but is very changeable. Flooding and storms can occur in winter, and fog in the hilly, mountainous regions and along the coast. The north and west of the UK is colder and wetter than the south and east. Despite the northern location and few sunny days, there are long, warm evenings in summer and also longer periods of fine weather. Only in the Scottish Highlands does snow fall in winter, in the other areas temperatures remain above freezing in winter at 1° to 5°C, in summer there are also periods of 30 degrees in the south and the driest remains the area around Essex, most rain falls in the western Highlands.

General information about United Kingdom

The United Kingdom consists of Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Ireland. The highest number of tourists per year has London, which occupies one of the top places in the German city trip program. In London, the sights are endless and the kingdom can still boast the most beautiful old buildings. For example, the clock tower at the Palace of Westminster with 5 bells, the heaviest of which is called Big Ben at 13.5t. The chime is popularly known as The Voice of Britain. The official residence of the British monarch, Buckingham Palace, is located in the City of Westminster district and serves as the home of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. The British Parliament meets in a monumental neo-Gothic style building, the Palace of Westminster. Westminster Abbey is where the kings of England are crowned and buried, and the complex of buildings along the Thames at the end of the City of London is the infamous Tower of London. Many tourists on vacation in Wales visit the national park "Snowdonia", which is known for its spectacular mountain ranges.

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In spring (March - May), the weather often alternates between sunny and cool, wet days. Temperatures range from 6 to 11 °C, rising to 18 °C by May. In summer (June to August) most days are warm at 15 to 30 °C, in exceptions even 35 °C. However, it gets cool at night and, due to the northern location, it is light for a long time. Autumn (September - November) is changeable, similar to spring, but temperatures are still a bit higher at 7-18 °C. Winter (December - early March) with temperatures of 1-5 °C is mild and it has the shortest days with about 7-8 hours of daylight.