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Chennai or Madras (former name) is one of the largest cities in India and attracts visitors with its bathing beaches, impressive buildings and diverse leisure activities. Especially in winter, pleasantly warm temperatures and a cooling off by the nearby sea attract visitors.
Bonaire is located about 80 kilometers off the Venezuelan coast and is with just under 288 km² the second largest of the so-called "ABC islands". The Caribbean sun shines here all year round, and Bonaire is mostly spared from the hurricanes that are otherwise frequent in the Caribbean.
The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela and consists of several islands. Here it is tropically warm all year round, with the constantly prevailing northeast trade wind always providing a cooling breeze.
Cancún is not only one of the most popular destinations on the Gulf of Mexico, but can also convince with about 300 sunny days and always high temperatures at any time of the year as a destination for a beach vacation.
St. Lucia, the "Saint Lucia", is a Caribbean island with a tropical humid climate. Countless plant species thrive on St. Lucia, bathing the island in a sea of green.
The Caribbean island beauty Barbados - the original Portuguese name means "The Bearded" - impresses with its splendor of colors, the impressive landscape as well as the seemingly endless white sandy beaches. On Barbados it is summer all year round.
The tropical island paradise of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean near the equator attracts almost all year round with the perfect vacation weather. Only in winter the perfect vacation weather is influenced by the monsoon, but the rains during this time ensure that the lush greenery of the tropics continues to grow and thrive.