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Off the east coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean lies the fourth largest island in the world - Madagascar. Not a country for beach vacationers, but for explorers of dry areas, mountains, tropical forests and rice fields.
The capital of the Republic of Indonesia is the largest city Southeast Asia and lies in the tropical climate zone. High temperatures and equally high amounts of precipitation characterize the climate of this city of over a million inhabitants.
Mauritius, the paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean, is in season all year round. The dry, warm and windless north of the island attracts visitors in summer and winter with many hours of sunshine and pleasant water temperatures.
The Caribbean island nation of Cuba attracts visitors all year round due to its tropical climate. Even in the cooler seasons, it rarely gets colder than 20 °C, while temperatures can rise to as high as 35 °C in the hot summer months.
The Indian archipelago includes a total of 204 islands and covers 6408 square kilometers. The Andaman Islands are tropical archipelagos located at the western tip of the Irawadi Division of Myanmar.
Acapulco is a travel destination throughout the year. However, the summer is hot and humid, much better suited for a visit are the months of October to May. The annual average temperature is about 27 °C and the long sandy beaches invite to a bathing vacation.
It is always summer on the Caribbean island of Curaçao - year-round temperatures are around 28 °C, and even the rainy season is comparatively dry. The colorful island attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
Salvador has a pleasant tropical climate all year round and is therefore worth a trip at any time of the year. The particularly attractive summer months with a very low chance of rain are December to February.