Best Destinations in

Mexico City is suitable all year round as a trendy vacation destination. The different climatic zones show in their own way the different facets of the country and make it extremely interesting for the vacationers.
Cyprus, the Greek-Turkish vacation island in the Mediterranean Sea is known as a year-round vacation paradise south of Turkey with many hours of sunshine and little rain.
Zakynthos has a Mediterranean climate. Due to relatively large amounts of precipitation in winter, lush vegetation develops in spring and summer. In summer the temperatures are between 22 and 38 degrees Celsius.
An insider tip for tourists are the Cape Verde Islands, which are located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 kilometers off the coast Africa. On the "islands of perpetual summer" the sun shines all year round, rainy days are very rare.
Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, is located in North Africa, separated only by a lagoon from the Gulf of Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. In the east lies the Mediterranean Sea and in the west the Maghreb - this brings hot dry summers and a corresponding vegetation with palms, olive trees and date palms.
Halkidiki is a Greek peninsula and is also often called "Poseidon's trident". It invites you to rest and relax, to hike and to swim in crystal clear waters.
The small Greek island of Kos is a very popular tourist destination due to the abundance of sunshine during the season and its location in the East Aegean Sea.
The climate of Athens is considered to be very special in Greece and due to the location of the city, which is surrounded by mountains in three cardinal directions (west, north and east), it is even drier and warmer than in other regions of the country. Wind comes almost exclusively from the south.