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Zanzibar has a tropical climate. Accordingly, Zanzibar is significantly mild throughout the year and temperature fluctuations are consistently relatively small.
Mombasa also called the gateway to East and Central Africa, is located directly on the Indian Ocean. Year-round pleasant temperatures attract many travelers and tourists.
The largest island Thailand, Phuket is characterized by tropical climate with average maximum temperatures of 31 to 33 degrees Celsius. The island is located off the southern coast of Thailand only a few kilometers from the mainland.
The Philippine capital Manila is very much characterized by an alternating humid tropical climate. While a dry and hot climate prevails from December to May, the rainy season begins in June and lasts until November.
On the Caribbean island of Aruba, the sun shines almost all year round, and it is also always pleasantly warm. In addition, the island lies outside the so-called hurricane belt, so that it is also a worthwhile destination for a dreamlike beach vacation in the summer months.
Marsa Alam, the city on the Red Sea has the whole year season. The temperatures are in the winter in the pleasant range of 23 to 25 degrees, in the summer the thermometer can rise already times to 40 degrees, by the sea and its winds the temperatures do not work however so hot, as with us in Europe.
Acapulco is a travel destination throughout the year. However, the summer is hot and humid, much better suited for a visit are the months of October to May. The annual average temperature is about 27 °C and the long sandy beaches invite to a bathing vacation.
In the Philippine city of Lapu Lapu it is summer all year round. However, up to 14 rainy days per month must be expected.
It is always summer on the Caribbean island of Curaçao - year-round temperatures are around 28 °C, and even the rainy season is comparatively dry. The colorful island attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.