Best Destinations in

Krabi captivates not only with paradisiacal beaches, but also tropical temperatures of 28 degrees on average, which invite to a bath in turquoise-blue water.
The Maldives have a tropical, constantly warm climate with high humidity in the calm Indian Ocean.
Ko Samui is located in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand and offers tropical warm travel weather all year round.
Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates are characterized by a dry subtropical climate with a mild winter and very hot summers.
Khao Lak, thanks to its warm climate, offers the possibility of vacationing all year round. The annual temperatures range between 29-33° Celsius.
Year-round tropical temperatures, wonderful white sandy beaches and bathtub-warm water bring the best conditions for a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Temperatures average between 26 and 30 degrees all year round.
Chennai or Madras (former name) is one of the largest cities in India and attracts visitors with its bathing beaches, impressive buildings and diverse leisure activities. Especially in winter, pleasantly warm temperatures and a cooling off by the nearby sea attract visitors.
Bonaire is located about 80 kilometers off the Venezuelan coast and is with just under 288 km² the second largest of the so-called "ABC islands". The Caribbean sun shines here all year round, and Bonaire is mostly spared from the hurricanes that are otherwise frequent in the Caribbean.
One of the sunniest countries on earth is the desert state of Qatar with its capital Doha. High temperatures prevail here all year round, as it is located in the subtropical climate zone with dryness and yet high humidity.
Agra is the city in India that attracts by far the most visitors. This is mainly due to the Taj Mahal, the 7th wonder of the world. Year-round summer to midsummer temperatures and the rainy season are characteristic of Agra. The best and most popular time to travel is from October to February. The heat is not so strong in these months and the monsoon season is already over.