Best Destinations in

The tropical island paradise of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean near the equator attracts almost all year round with the perfect vacation weather. Only in winter the perfect vacation weather is influenced by the monsoon, but the rains during this time ensure that the lush greenery of the tropics continues to grow and thrive.
Sri Lanka is a dreamlike island in the Indian Ocean with paradisiacal beaches and inviting mountains.
Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are located in the subtropical climate zone, and is a true paradise for true sun worshippers.
Mauritius, the paradisiacal island state in the Indian Ocean, is in season all year round. The dry, warm and windless north of the island attracts visitors in summer and winter with many hours of sunshine and pleasant water temperatures.
Belize is a small, country in South America with a predominantly tropical climate. Due to its many different landscapes in a small area, it offers a wide variation of climatic conditions, yet it is predominantly warm and pleasant.
The Egyptian city of Aswan is located on the eastern bank of the Nile and is characterized by a subtropical desert climate. Especially in the summer months it is very hot here.
New Delhi is a part of the megacity Delhi and India's capital. It is located in the interior of the country. Climatically, New Delhi is located in a continental subtropical zone; the weather thus bears traits of both the tropics and Asian steppes.
Although the Bahamas are in the subtropical climate zone, the hot temperatures are moderated by the cooling trade winds. Thus, the archipelago offers the best conditions for a vacation all year round.