Best Destinations in

Cyprus, the Greek-Turkish vacation island in the Mediterranean Sea is known as a year-round vacation paradise south of Turkey with many hours of sunshine and little rain.
Cairo, the economic and cultural center of Egypt and the Arab world, is located in the subtropical desert climate. From May to September it is very hot here.
Guangzhou is characterized by moderate temperatures throughout the year. The climate is mild and is often compared to that in Florida.
The climate in Hanoi is characterized by the monsoon. Rather than the warm and humid summer months with high rainfall, the pleasantly mild winter months are inviting for a vacation.
The Egyptian tourist resort of Hurghada on the coast of the Red Sea offers ideal diving and swimming weather all year round. With sun, sea and beach there are excellent climatic conditions for the vacationer.
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is under the influence of tropical climate. The best time for Europeans to travel is from November to March, when temperatures in Bangkok are bearable.
Cancún is not only one of the most popular destinations on the Gulf of Mexico, but can also convince with about 300 sunny days and always high temperatures at any time of the year as a destination for a beach vacation.
Khao Lak, thanks to its warm climate, offers the possibility of vacationing all year round. The annual temperatures range between 29-33° Celsius.
The Malaysian city of Kuala Lumpur has a warm and humid climate all year round. However, the intensity of rainfall can vary seasonally, determining the optimal time to travel.