Climate America

For those who want to experience arctic temperatures on vacation, the continent of America offers the right regions high in the north and deep in the south. In between, however, lie the most diverse climatic zones, so that the vacationer can always find exactly the vacation destination that can correspond completely to the own vacation desires from tropical, subtropical, moderate and cold-moderate.

Brazil is soccer, is Rio de Janeiro and samba. The South American country fascinates with its joie de vivre, which can perhaps be explained by the prevailing tropical to subtropical climate.
The Caribbean island nation of Grenada is located about 200 kilometers off the coast of Venezuela and consists of several islands. Here it is tropically warm all year round, with the constantly prevailing northeast trade wind always providing a cooling breeze.
The Caribbean island beauty Barbados - the original Portuguese name means "The Bearded" - impresses with its splendor of colors, the impressive landscape as well as the seemingly endless white sandy beaches. On Barbados it is summer all year round.
It is always summer on the Caribbean island of Curaçao - year-round temperatures are around 28 °C, and even the rainy season is comparatively dry. The colorful island attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.
Although the Bahamas are in the subtropical climate zone, the hot temperatures are moderated by the cooling trade winds. Thus, the archipelago offers the best conditions for a vacation all year round.
A trip to Jamaica, the island of reggae, is worthwhile at any time of year. Tropical temperatures prevail all year round, but are moderated by the steady northeast trade winds.
St. Lucia, the "Saint Lucia", is a Caribbean island with a tropical humid climate. Countless plant species thrive on St. Lucia, bathing the island in a sea of green.
The Caribbean island nation of Cuba attracts visitors all year round due to its tropical climate. Even in the cooler seasons, it rarely gets colder than 20 °C, while temperatures can rise to as high as 35 °C in the hot summer months.
Year-round tropical temperatures, wonderful white sandy beaches and bathtub-warm water bring the best conditions for a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Temperatures average between 26 and 30 degrees all year round.
"The Land of the Free", the "Land of Opportunity", is what the USA likes to be called. The North American confederation is the third largest country in the world after Russia and Canada is the third largest country on earth and thus has a variety of climatic conditions to offer from the Arctic to the subtropical Florida.
Mexico, the land of the Maya, fascinates with its history and culture. Seasons like winter or summer do not exist here, but there are regionally different dry and rainy seasons.
Canada, the land of the maple, is the second largest country on earth after Russia, with an area of 9,984,670 square kilometers. Due to its northern location, long, very cold winters and short summers dominate the Canadian climate.
Belize is a small, country in South America with a predominantly tropical climate. Due to its many different landscapes in a small area, it offers a wide variation of climatic conditions, yet it is predominantly warm and pleasant.
On the Caribbean island of Aruba, the sun shines almost all year round, and it is also always pleasantly warm. In addition, the island lies outside the so-called hurricane belt, so that it is also a worthwhile destination for a dreamlike beach vacation in the summer months.
Between the north coast of Venezuela and the southern tip of the US-state Florida lie the islands and island groups of the Caribbean. Typical is the subtropical to tropical climate prevailing here, which varies only slightly.
Bonaire is located about 80 kilometers off the Venezuelan coast and is with just under 288 km² the second largest of the so-called "ABC islands". The Caribbean sun shines here all year round, and Bonaire is mostly spared from the hurricanes that are otherwise frequent in the Caribbean.

The climatic year of America

America as a continent can be divided into three parts, so that North America, Central America and South America can become a beautiful travel destination. While South and Central America consist of many large and small countries, North America can boast two countries such as Canada and the USA. Central America includes numerous Caribbean islands, which are popular with vacationers who like to travel to tropical regions. Surrounded by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, the continent can offer many coastal regions and the land area in the interior convinces with a geography that can offer absolute diversity. Thus, the traveler can visit desert regions in the north and in the south of the continent, but equally, jungle regions that suffer from heavy humidity can become a destination. Even arctic regions like the sparsely populated Tierra del Fuego are part of the continent, so that a vacation in America can correspond to every vacation dream.

America can therefore offer climates of every kind and from the steppe to the high mountains, everything is geographically represented here. Especially a region like Central America can give the vacationer different climatic conditions, if the journey leaves the coastal regions and turns to the highlands of this region. A beautiful island world can offer the Caribbean for the vacationer, whereby here the trade wind can offer a refreshment to the vacationer in the tropical heat. The south of America can show with the Andes the biggest mountain range of this earth and who visits the steppes of countries like Brazil, should be prepared for a region of the world, which is known as very dry. A special highlight are the volcanoes of the Andes, some of which are still active.

General information about America

Hiking through Tierra del Fuego or exploring the many national parks on foot, a continent like America can offer many natural beauties like Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon, but also beaches like Copa Cabana show themselves as hospitable regions when again millions of vacationers want to spend their days here. Countries like the USA offer a variety of metropolises, which like New York can offer a world famous sight like the Statue of Liberty. Whether you want to go to the glittering gambler's paradise Las Vegas or rather to the movie metropolis Los Angeles with the famous Hollywood, America can offer many great urban vacation destinations. The nature lover is drawn to Central America, where you can experience the jungle in Costa Rica in its wild naturalness. But also South America can inspire with the most beautiful nature, where the Icuacu waterfalls are a very popular destination. If one travels further to Peru, then the Inca city Machu Picchu can inspire the vacationer and also Bolivia can inspire with the salt desert Salar de Uyuni. Before Ecuador the vacationer should cross over to the Galapagos Island and who will get to know one of the most lively and interesting cities of South America can experience the Sugar Loaf in Rio de Janeiro. However, the most beautiful city of the southern part of the continent of America is Cartagena de Indias, where on the coast of Colombia has emerged a place that captivates every vacationer with white beaches, the cheerful colorful architecture, a castle and the special hospitality of the inhabitants. Chile, on the other hand, can offer one of the most extreme landscapes, because the Atacama Desert can be called the region of the world that is simply unique due to its extreme aridity.

Tourism America

North America

North American climates begin with Alaska and northern Canada, where just cold winter months characterize the year. There are only a few weeks in the year when temperatures rise enough to keep the landscapes snow-free. If it goes further to the east coast of the USA and to the south of Canada, the vacationer can look forward to cold winters and warm summers, where the vacationer feels reminded of European temperatures. If it goes even further south, the temperatures also rise and depending on the region, then North America mild climate, dry deserts and semi-deserts, but also the almost tropical weather in the south of the USA. Thus, the holidaymaker can look forward to his winter vacation at any time of year or experience a beach vacation with water sports, depending on which region of North America he has chosen as a destination.

Central America

The vacationer in this region of the world can expect tropical hot temperatures on the Atlantic coast, but equally one should be prepared for year-round rainfall in Central America. The highlands, on the other hand, can be described as a very dry region. If Central America is facing the Pacific Ocean, then you should also expect precipitation throughout the year, but the amount is considerably less than on the Atlantic coast.

South America

If you want to travel South America, you can look forward to only two seasons, with a tropical hot climate waiting for the traveler the rainy season and the dry season. Around the equator there is a lot of precipitation, so that a high humidity is to be expected. Brazil or Argentina offer hot temperatures, but those who travel further and further south can reach Tierra del Fuego, where arctic temperatures await the vacationer from January to December.