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Myanmar is a state in Southeast Asia, which is counted to the tropical climate zone. Monsoon winds determine the climate here, which can range from extremely hot to pleasantly mild, depending on the region.
New Delhi is a part of the megacity Delhi and India's capital. It is located in the interior of the country. Climatically, New Delhi is located in a continental subtropical zone; the weather thus bears traits of both the tropics and Asian steppes.
The abundantly sunny Pattaya is the destination of all sun worshippers who want to spend a dream vacation on the tropical Gulf of Thailand and get to know Asia from its most beautiful side.
Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is under the influence of tropical climate. The best time for Europeans to travel is from November to March, when temperatures in Bangkok are bearable.
Marsa Alam, the city on the Red Sea has the whole year season. The temperatures are in the winter in the pleasant range of 23 to 25 degrees, in the summer the thermometer can rise already times to 40 degrees, by the sea and its winds the temperatures do not work however so hot, as with us in Europe.
The Egyptian city of Aswan is located on the eastern bank of the Nile and is characterized by a subtropical desert climate. Especially in the summer months it is very hot here.
Chennai or Madras (former name) is one of the largest cities in India and attracts visitors with its bathing beaches, impressive buildings and diverse leisure activities. Especially in winter, pleasantly warm temperatures and a cooling off by the nearby sea attract visitors.
The city of Luxor is located in southern Egypt on the eastern bank of the Nile. The main tourist season to Luxor is from December to April, as the climatic conditions are most pleasant at this time due to the warm and dry weather.
Bangalore is located in the south of India in the Deccan Tableland at about 900 m above sea level and has a tropical climate. The average annual temperature is 23.6°C with 831 mm of rainfall.
The Philippine capital Manila is very much characterized by an alternating humid tropical climate. While a dry and hot climate prevails from December to May, the rainy season begins in June and lasts until November.